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The much awaited songs of the upcoming movie, "Rajinimurugan", has been released. The music album consists of six songs, which are composed by D Imman.

The songs have received overwhelming response from the audience and the music reviewers have rated the album as one of the best from the composer.

The lyrics are written by Yugabharathi while Sivakarthikeyan, Jithin Raj, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Badava Gopi, VM Mahalingam, Diwakar, Kalpana Raghavendar and Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam were roped in to sing the songs.

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Here are the reviews of "Rajinumurugan" album by various critics:

'Rajinimurugan' - Singers: Sivakarthikeyan; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


The precision of the snare rolls creates an instant stir. A promising title track emphasized by the live elements of the marriage band music, chorus and more than catchy lyrics. Minute detailing like using the Veena, gunshot sounds and particularly ending the song with the 'The Good The Bad The Ugly' theme music pack the song better."

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In the past few films, Sivakarthikeyan had the title song with fast beat numbers, but this time opts for something slightly slower than them. This song is crooned by Sivakarthikeyan himself and it holds some prominence for the lyrical lines by Yugabharathi."

'Un Mele Oru Kannu' - Singers: Jithin Raj, Mahalakshmi Iyer; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


The prototypical melody from Imman treated on a chatusra jati, the humming, emotional rendition from the singer, clear-cut bass lines and the already heard rhythm loops. Multiple listening will gain listenership because of the enterprising interludes. This song is bound to become the next pick for light music troupes."


This happens to be an old-styled song that offers more substantiality to the singers and these talented personalities Jithin Raj and Mahalakshmi Iyer have managed to steal the show with their beautiful rendition."

'Aavi Parakkum Teakadai' - Singers: Badava Gopi, VM Mahalingam; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


The light-folk genre fully exposed, this accessible song has a surprising violin interlude and EDM patches rightly used. Lyrics being a huge relief, another favourite for casual listeners is ready."

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This is a situational track, where Sivakarthikeyan opens up a tea stall under the name of 'Rajini Murugan' and at the same time, the song also is about the girl he is in love with. The witty quotients are up with Badava Gopi comedic lines of mimicry of several radio jingles."

'Yennama Ipadi Panreengalaema' - Singers: D Imman; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


Capitalizing on the famous catchphrase thanks to the context associated to the song, Imman's flawless singing of the creative lyrics gives a winner. The essence of guitars for a proper folk track is a trial effort while the improvisations during the programming of the song are evident with noticeable addition of elements."


This song needs no introduction and much prior to the single track was released. Of course, the famous phrases that we have been constantly heard as the hilarious line are something that makes it more appealing. The song making visuals have already gained huge viewers on YouTube and this indeed is one instance of how the song is excelled."

'Jigiru Jigiru' - Singers: Diwakar, Kalpana Raghavendar; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


Though the mandolin adds a tang; the celebratory song with a cliched situation demands no expertise. Kalpana's voice gives the much-needed edge when the non-progressive folksy elements are a letdown. Solo from the percussions might bring out the dancer in you."


Super Singer Winner Diwakar has been consistently delivering some great numbers over the short span of time. On the pars Kalpana Raghavendar gives the best spell in this song that has some cool mood with medium paced style."

'Yennama Ipadi Panreengalaema' (Imman Mix) - Singers: Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, D Imman; Lyrics: Yugabharathi


With a compulsion to take a folk based song to the pubs, the remix version of the original is filled with EDM, Aaryan's rap and numerous sound effects that hardly get noted."


To end the album, the greatest cherry-pick arrives here with the sensationally brilliant dub step mix of Yennama Ippadi Pandringale Ma. Mark our words! The song is sure to make a big time in parties and night clubs."