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Salman Khan's "Sultan" received a phenomenal response at the box office when the advance booking counter opened. "Sultan" shattered all previous records in terms of advance booking worldwide, but now Rajinikanth's "Kabali" has overshadowed the Salman-starrer.

The advance booking of the Rajinikanth-starrer "Kabali," which is set to release on July 22, opened on Monday and within hours the tickets for three days, i.e. for opening weekend sold out. Moreover, "Kabali" is releasing in 12,000 screens, which is double the screen count of Salman's "Sultan."

Not only advance booking and screen count, the makers are confident that "Kabali" will break the box office collection record of "Sultan" as well.

"Go to Mumbai and try to purchase a ticket of Sultan it would have cost you Rs 1500 , now you go to Bangalore and say Kabali, you will pay Rs 1500 per ticket, but let me tell you that in Tamil Nadu with just Rs 120/80 and 50 a ticket we will bring in 200 crores. So imagine what will happen then? We will be collecting ten times more than Sultan," producer Kalaipuli Thanu told India Today.

The Hindi version of "Kabali" is set to release in 1,000 screens in north India and this might affect the box office run of Salman's "Sultan." And since Salman and Rajinikanth are both superstar, the clash between "Sultan" and "Kabali" will be much-awaited.

Meanwhile, the Rajinikanth's "Kabali" has become the latest victim of online privacy. Days before its theatrical release, the full movie has been leaked online for download. "We've contacted the authorities to pull down all these unauthorised links to the film," a source linked to the production told Hindustan Times.

The film has been leaked on the Dark Web, but it is not known whether it is available on Torrent or not. Earlier, "Sultan" was also leaked online, but it was not available for download.