Anjena Kirti
Anjena Kirti

Tamil actress Anjena Kirti has revealed that an ardent fan of superstar Rajinikanth came to her help when she lost her way to the hotel during the shooting of her upcoming movie "Jumbo 3D" in Japan.

"Once, we had all got some time off and I was shopping in a mall, when I misplaced the address of the hotel I was staying at. I had specifically written it down in Japanese. I was clueless, but one of the Japanese taxi drivers started talking to me in Tamil knowing that I was from India. He said he is a fan of Rajinikanth and knows Tamil," The Times of India quoted Anjena Kirti as saying.

Anjena Kirti, who made her debut in "Azhagiya Pandipuram" will next be seen playing an important role in the movie "Jumbo 3D". She has almost completed the shooting of the film and is gearing up for the worldwide release of the film soon.

Ninety percent of "Jumbo 3D" has been shot in Japan and the film features exotic locales of Toyama and Tokyo in the country. The film is an Indo Japan collaborative project and it is directed by "Ambuli 3D" and Aaaah fame Harish Shankar and Hareesh Narayan.

"Producer Hari is the founder of Tokyo Tamil Sangam. They were very warm with their hospitality. It made us feel home here in Japan," Kirti explained. 

Rajinikanth's larger-than-life image has amassed huge number of fans in Japan and most of his recent films have been hits in the country. So much is his popularity that many movie buffs have learnt Tamil.