A Fake Picture of Rajinikanth
This picture of Rajinikanth's lookalike is doing rounds online.Twitter

Every single gesture of top celebrities in public will usually have positive or negative reactions. In case of Rajinikanth, people considers him as a model man for good behaviour. Photos of him captured in public only proved that he is the epitome of simplicity.

To give you an example, Rajinikanth holding a Nokia 1130 phone was widely circulated on internet for years stating that despite being a big star he found joy in using a basic cell phone. Likewise, Rajini wearing a simple dress and a slipper during a trip with his friends had also indicated that success had not gone to his head.

Time and again, such photos and videos have only made the belief stronger about the Tamil superstar. However, not all we read or see about him is true and one such instance is the latest viral picture. A photo of a man wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts while speaking over a phone is doing rounds on social media sites and fans have mistaken it to be Thalaivar.

The man in the picture has close resemblances to Rajinikanth. The white beard and overall look easily make one believe that it is the picture of the superstar.

The fans have been spreading the picture on social media claiming that the picture is one more example for Rajini's simplicity. However, it has now been clarified that it is not the superstar in the picture and someone else.

Rajinikanth's Next Film
Rajinikanth, who is basking in the success of Petta, is yet to begin his next film to be directed by AR Murugadoss. The shooting is expected to commence next month.

Rajinikanth's Petta ends its 2nd weekend on a positive note.PR Handout