Rajinikanth in 2.0
A screen shot from Rajinikanth's 2.0.Screen Shot from the teaser

The teaser from Rajinikanth's 2.0 has won huge appreciation, cutting across language barriers. Shankar's presentation and high-end VFX works have left the fans in awe, but as the promo given away too many info about the film?

The video begins with what it looks like a dead body hanging on a cell phone tower. The birds are seen circling around the corpse following which mobiles of the people start mysteriously vanishing in the air.

The cell phone of youngsters taking selfies, from the shops and in public places go missing. The cell phones reveal that Akshay Kumar is behind the vanishing mobiles. Scientist Vaseegaran tells the government that they need a superpower to fight the unexpected situation created by the baddie, Crow Man.

The next one minute is all about the battle between Chitti and Crow Man. The teaser, with its breath-taking visuals, shows attacks and counter attacks of the two superhumans.

Going by the teaser, the movie is about cell phones. Crow Man, who wants to control the world in his thumb, is confronted by Rajinikanth's creation Chitti. Their cat and mouse game is expected to be narrated with visually-arresting graphics.

If this is what Shankar is going to tell, the teaser has given away too much about the story. But the mobile phone disappearance is only a small part of Crow Man's large scheme, then the audience has more reasons to look forward to the mega-budget flick.