Superstar Rajinikanth
In picture: Rajinikanth.Twitter

Rajinikanth has started facing the heat after announcing his entry into politics. The Tamil superstar, who left for the Himalayas Saturday, March 10, refused to comment on two incidents due to which he came under attack on social media sites.

The 67-year-old was spotted at the airport Saturday morning. According to reports, reporters at the airport were looking for his response to the death of a pregnant woman in Trichy and the brutal murder of a student in Chennai. The superstar, however, was not keen to respond to the issues.

Rajinikanth was later slammed by a section of social media users and called "irresponsible and insensivity". Many targeted him stating that how he can ignore when he himself is a father of two daughters (Aishwarya and Soundarya).

Rajinikanth's ardent fans quickly flung into action and came to his rescue. They defended him stating that there was no need for him to respond on every issue. Moreover, the cops have arrested the culprits in both the incidents.

Here, we bring you a few posts from Twitter:

Ramesh R wrote: He has two daughters. I don't think he is that heartless to not feel for the girls died. He is just fed up with media using him. Twisting anything he says and having a debate for it. #Rajinikanth #Rajinikanthpoliticalentry #PeriyarStatue

Karthik wrote: Why should @rajinikanth need to answer all stupid questions raised by the so called media lunatics! In both the incidents the police arrested the persons involved and the case is closed, Media with biased intention want his answer as like L&O Failure, he avoided it. #Rajinikanth

Rajasekar wrote: Actors foraying into politics is fine but you can't just walk away without answering reporters who ask you to talk about a burning issue in the state ‍♂️‍♂️

First Incident

A pregnant woman named Usha was riding pillion with her husband when a cop allegedly kicked their bike for violating a traffic rule. She died on the spot in the incident which took place in Thuvakudi near Trichy, on March 7.

Second Incident

M Aswini, a first-year B.Com student at the Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research, was stabbed to death outside her college in KK Nagar in south Chennai Friday, March 9.