Putting an end to all the ifs and buts on his political entry, Rajinikanth, on Sunday, December 31, broke the silence around the issue as he said that his political party would contest in all 234 constituencies in the next Tamil Nadu Assembly election.

His announcement may have come as a great news to his legion of fans, but a section of people have opposed the decision stating that he does not have required experience in politics or administration to take a plunge into politics. Their argument is that his popularity alone cannot ascend throne at Fort St George.

Punch Dialogues mouthed by Rajinikanth that suit the current situation 
The Tamil superstar does not have to spend too much time on thinking perfect lines to handle his detractors and to convince people to vote for his party. In his four-decade career, Rajinikanth has mouthed end number of punch dialogues, which won the hearts of cine-goers. He can just use those one-liners to tackle the current as well as future situations and we are listing out a few below:

'Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya neratthil correct aga varuven (When I will come or how I will come, nobody knows, but I will arrive when the time is right)' – This powerful dialogue from Muthu best suits the situation as he has announced his political entry.

Naan Vara Vendiya neram vandhudichi nee poga vendiya neram nerungidichi (The time for me to enter has come, the time for you to go has arrived) – Rajinikanth mouthed the dialogue in Baba. This can be considered as his message to all the political parties of Tamil Nadu.

Kanna, panni dhan kootama varum. Singam Singleaa dhaan varum (Only pigs come in herds. The lion always comes alone) - To all his political opponents, who have started putting up a united fight against Rajinikanth, the Tamil superstar can hit back at you with the above sentence.

En vazhi, thani vazhi (My way is my own) – Rajinikanth's dialogue from Padayappa might be his message to the people.

Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri (If I say something even once, it's as though I've said it a hundred times) – People, who have attacked him stating that all these years Rajinikanth was trying to get mileage for his films by talking about politics every now and then, the Tamil superstar would not get a better dialogue than this to silence them.

Arthaastharam unga vazhi, Dharmasasthram en vazhi (Economics is your way, justice is my way) -Rajinikanth has said that he has come with the intentions of doing good for the people. By his own admission, he has enough money and fame. And this one-liner the above dialogue is tailor-made for his party.

Aandavan nallavangala sodhipaan aana kai vida maatan! Kettavangalukku alli alli kodupaan aanakadaisila kai vittuduvaan! (God tests the good people but doesn't abandon them. He will generously to the bad people, but abandons them in the end.) - Narendra Modi coined 'Acche Din Aane Waale Hain' in his run up to the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. This had given new hopes to the people of India. The above Tamil one-liner would have similar effects on the Tamil Nadu people, who have witnessed a huge turmoil in Tamil Nadu politics since the death of J Jayalalithaa.