Rajinikanth and Vijay
Rajinikanth and VijayPR Handout

Rajinikanth's speech on the fourth day of meeting his fans has led to an interpretation of the Tamil superstar announcing the arrival of his successor. Although he did not mention the name, social media is buzz with the rumours that he was referring to Vijay, who is going to step into his shoes in Kollywood.

The Enthiran star recollected two incidents to drive home the point that change is constant and nothing is permanent.

Rajinikanth said: "Whenever I come to Coimbatore airport two incidents come to my mind. Annamalai was a super-duper hit. At that time I had come to attend a marriage of my family friend. Sivaji sir (Sivaji Ganeshan) and I travelled together and landed in the airport. There was a huge crowd gathered outside cheering my name, but I was embarrassed and became uncomfortable because a legend was next to me.

(Sivaji Ganeshan) was smiling and told me: 'This is your time of glory. Work hard and do good movies. We had given good movies in our times. Now it is your turn'," he recalled.

"After some years I was supposed to go to the same airport when I got a message asking me to avoid coming now as another actor would be in Coimbatore. The crowd was unimaginably high. I was told: 'Let him come and go, after which you can come.' At that moment Sivaji sir's words struck my mind... Now the same time has come for someone else. Time will change everything, be it in cinema or politics," he added. 

Rajinikanth may have not mentioned about Vijay, but it goes without saying that Coimbatore is a stronghold of Vijay. He has a huge fan-following there and frequently visits the city.