Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth
Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth.PR Handout

Rajinikanth has made a u-turn on his political stand ás he has extended his support to the BJP in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Tamil superstar has predicted that the saffron party will register a thumping win in the polls and Narendra Modi would be the Prime Minister of India once again.

Explaining the stand behind changing his stand and endoring Narendra Modi, Rajinikanth said, "I thought of staying away from politics as I could not give necessary attention to build my party. I had this belief that it could be a cakewalk for Modi at the centre. But looking at the way opposition parties are vying for his blood, I feel the need to put my weight behind an honest man who is toiling hard to put a great picture of country in the world map," the Tamil superstar said.

Is he supporting him out of fear that Modi might fail to become the PM again? "No, I am cent percent sure that the BJP will secure 300+ seats on its own. The reason why I am endorsing him is because there are lots of lies that are being spread about him. I believe a lie told 100 times might seem like the truth to the people. Hence, I decided to support him," he said.

"I am among the millions of Narendra Modi fans who want him to be the Prime Minister again. I may not be very comfortable with BJP's ideology and endorse everything that do, but surely I back him for the India's political post. His policies might have failed to yeild desired results and some could be called failures, yet nobody can question his sincerity and courage to take bold steps," Rajinikanth claims.

Interestingly, Rajinikanth seems to be not happy with the AIADMK and his liking has shifted towards the DMK leadership. "At present, I feel MK Stalin is the best leader among the lot in Tamil Nadu. I see a future for him in the state politics." It has to be noted that the Dravidian party is having alliance with the Congress in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election and has been critical about Modi's policies.

However, Rajinikanth is prepping up for the Tamil Nadu assembly election in 2021. "By then, we would be in a position to contest in all the constituencies in the state. The BJP's position in the state is negligible and there is a vaccum in politics after the demise of two stalwarts like J Jayalalithaa and M Karunanidhi.

Rajini's desire to foray into politics got new lease of life after J Jayalalithaa's death. Months after she passed away, Rajini indicated that he was ready for the politics. To everybody's surprise, he released a press release recently stating that his party Rajini Makkal Mandram was not endorsing any party and requested his party men not to identify with other parties.

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