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In a gruesome incident reported from Alwar, in Rajasthan, a 45-year-old woman was not only raped by a group of young men, but a video of them abusing her was also uploaded on the internet. Now, three of the wrongdoers have been arrested by the police.

The woman registered a case on September 17, following which the police have arrested three of the men on Saturday who were involved in the gang rape. 

Video of gang-rape of a woman goes viral

Rape, abuse and violence against women have become a common occurrence. In another shocking incident from Rajasthan, a woman was gang-raped by six young men recently. She was not only filmed without consent, but her video was uploaded on social media. 

On September 14th the 45-year-old woman was returning to her village with her nephew on a bike, she had gone to Haryana to give her brother some money. However, they were stopped by unidentified youth who were in a group. 

The men were armed and held her nephew hostage as they proceeded to sexually assault and rape her. The incident took place in the Tijara police state area. Three of the accused shot a video as the others raped the woman and uploaded the video online.

Her nephew was also forced to sexually assault his aunt by the accused. The woman had stayed silent, however, when she came across the video online after it went viral she had lodged a complaint at the station, upon telling her husband

The police have now arrested three of the accused, including one minor who has been detained. A team has been formed the police said, to investigate the matter. This is not the first such incident reported in the country in recent times.