Pamphlets discouraging love jihad.
Pamphlets discouraging love jihad.Twitter

In a bizarre development, the Rajasthan government has now asked students of government and private schools to visit a "Spiritual Fair" being held in Jaipur in order to discourage love jihad and eating non-vegetarian food.

Women should sweep floors and grind 'chakki' to stay healthy, says Rajasthan education department magazine

The five-day fair, which began on November 16, is also selling books on Christian conspiracies, running a campaign to declare cow as the "national mother" and even calling for students to enrol themselves in other caste organisations.

This new development comes a few days after the Rajasthan education department in its magazine advised women to sweep the floors, fill water pitchers and grind "chakki" (grain grinder) in order to stay fit.

Apart from students, the fair organisers have also asked schools to send a few teachers.

Manuals discouraging love jihad

The fair, which apparently aims to "provide a platform to organisations engaged in imparting services to society to motivate and involve the public to be part of the process of social transformation," has also issued two controversial pamphlets.

love jihad
Pamphlets being distributed in Jaipur fairTwitter

The pamphlets, which are being distributed by Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal members, have not only labelled Muslims as "terrorists" and womanisers but have also taken a dig at Bollywood stars.

One of the manuals being sold by the VHP for Rs 5 each uses words like "terrorists", "anti-nationals", "pro-Pakistanis", "womanisers", and "smugglers" to describe Muslims. The purported belief here is this would discourage Hindu girls and women from converting to Islam or marrying Muslims.

'Stalk daughters'

The 16-page manual by the VHP titled "Jihad and love jihad... Hindu girls beware" has asked parents to keep an eye on their daughters' activities at school and college, search their mobiles phones and warn them if a Muslim boy comes home to meet them.

According to a Times of India report, the pamphlet also carries a rate card which features the sum of money a Muslim man gets for luring women of different religions and communities like Sikh or Gujarati into being converted to Islam.

Pamphlets being distributed in Jaipur fair
Rte card with sum of money a Muslim man gets for luring women from different religions.Twitter

The other booklet has a morphed photograph of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor. It shows the left side of her face covered by a niqab, while she sports a bindi on the right side. It even cites Bollywood actors like Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan as example of men who have engaged in love jihad.

"They have deserted their Hindu wives to entrap other Hindu women," the pamphlet said, according to ToI.

Authorities deny allegations

The English daily report also said when the organisers of the fair were contacted, they denied the distribution of the controversial booklets.

"This is a spiritual fair; we are not distributing any literature on love jihad," Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) co-secretary Rajendra Singh Shekhawat was quoted as saying by the English daily.