The Rajasthan High Court has disposed a petition filed by a woman seeking action against three fraudsters who duped her of Rs 12 lakh after promising to sell her a horse owned by Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

According to reports, the woman (name not disclosed) had given Rs 11 lakh in cash to them, while  rest of the amount was agreed to be paid through a cheque. But no horse was delivered, according to the complaint she filed with the police.


A 'fair' process

The woman reportedly approached the Rajasthan High Court seeking a "fair and impartial" investigation into the case. However, the court disposed off her petition on Thursday and asked her to submit her case to the concerned deputy commissioner of police, with a direction to him to decide strictly in accordance with the law.

The three accused in the case included Nirbhay Singh, Rajpreet and a third person who the woman alleged that they showed a picture of the actor with a horse at his farmhouse and said that the horse (in the picture) was available for sale.

Lure a good deal

Salman Khan

Referring to her complaint, the petitioner's counsel P D Dave said the suspects convinced the woman by saying that they have known the actor and even sold some of his horses earlier.

Dave said the dupers told her that Salman Khan, who is known to be a horse-lover himself, wanted to sell the horse and she, in return, will also be able to rack up huge profit by selling the horse once it is purchased. This made, the woman to finally accept the deal and as per the contract, she handed them over the required money. But when she did not receive any delivery of the horse, she filed a complaint with the police last August.