Rajaratha (Rajaratham) Trailer Released
Rajaratha (Rajaratham) Trailer Released.A screen shot from the trailer

Rana Daggubati unveiled the trailer of Rajaratham, the Telugu version of Kannada film Rajaratha, on Wednesday, December 27. The Baahubali star has also turned a narrator in the forthcoming bilingual flick.

Rumours of Rana Daggubati playing a cameo in Rajaratham had surfaced after a picture of the actor with the Bhandari brothers (hero Nirup and director Anup) was recently revealed online. While taking to International Business Times, India, the director had refused to spill the beans on their collaboration stating that the suspense would be broken once the trailer was out.

However, there is no clarity on whether Rana Daggubati is just a narrator or will be seen doing a guest appearance. It has to be noted that Puneeth Rajkumar is the narrator for the Kannada version of the flick.

What does the trailer reveal?

A college campus and there are lovebirds. Megha (Avantika Shetty) is in love, but not with the hero. The lead actor Nirup Bhandari, who plays the role named Abhi, gets a mass introduction followed by the entry of villain Vishwa (Arya), who is apparently behind the heroine. Ravishankar appears in the role of 'Uncle' (maybe, college principal) and the entire clip revolves around these characters.

The trailer does not give away anything about the storyline, but the narrator makes it a point, in the end, to tell the viewers that it is his story after all. The look and feel of the clip are good, thereby creating the buzz around its release.

The trailer attracts the viewers with some eye-pleasing visuals. The clip has been neatly packaged with curiosity-building moments backed by apt background score.

Nirup Bhandari looks cool as a lover boy and Avantika Shetty as his leading lady is impressive. Arya appears with great panache in the negative role, whereas Ravi Shankar has a small role, yet an impactful one.

Watch out for...
The opening aerial shot of the college that reminds us of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter series.
Avantika Shetty spraying water from her mouth.
Nirup skidding the back wheel like a boss on a fixed gear.

Rajaratha marks the second union of Bhandari brothers with Avantika Shetty after their 2015 blockbuster RangiTharanga. Their upcoming film will be out on January 25.