RRR has been put on hold, but everybody is curious to know more about the film. What is exciting is that Rajamouli is working with major Bollywood actors in his latest, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt? This has piqued the curiosity of Bollywood and Tollywood. RRR is not going to be any other blockbuster, that's for sure.

In his latest interview director, Rajamouli opened up about working on RRR. He also revealed what it's like working with Ajay Devgn, and his manner on set. The director said the Bollywood still behaves like a newcomer when shooting.

Ajay Devgn and SS Rajamouli

Rajamouli on Ajay Devgn in RRR

SS Rajamouli the renowned Tollywood director was interviewed by Rajeev Masand where he revealed a lot about the cast and his upcoming movie RRR. He spoke about the technical aspects of filmmaking, his past projects, and also about working with Bollywood's notable actors like Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt.

The schedule with Alia hasn't yet begun due to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown. The Baahubali director said he was looking forward to it. There has been a lot of conversation on whether Alia was out of the film or not, and both the director and actor put these rumours to rest.

Rajamouli did experience working with Bollywood's famous action superstar Ajay Devgn and said that it was one of the memorable experiences for him. He described Ajay Devgn as a simple person and that even though he has an imposing persona it never really felt like there was a star on set, for both him and the crew. 

RRR poster

He said the reason he chose Ajay for the role was because of the honesty he displays on-screen or off-screen. Rajamouli texted the Bollywood star about the role and had gotten a reply and when he narrated the script in Mumbai, he got an immediate ok from the actor. Rajamouli revealed what Ajay Devgn is like on set, "He comes simply, he learns his lines, he delivers his lines. He asks me how he should act. Like a newcomer, he will ask me how he should perform. Even though he knows what he should do he will still ask." 

Rajamouli elaborated saying that he would never go to his caravan except to change his clothes and he would eat under a tree. Reciting an incident, he said that when they were at the end of the shoot but there were many scenes left to shoot, the director told the cast and crew that nobody would get a break except Ajay Devgn, they were speaking in Telugu. The actor, however, caught on and refused to take a break as well. 

With this kind of sincerity, we can only imagine what's going to emerge on the screen when the actor and director come together. Not to mention the stellar cast of Alia Bhatt, Ram Charan and NTR. It's safe to bet that the audience can't wait.