Himaja Reddy with Mahesh Vitta, Nagarjuna with Rahul Sipligunj and IBTimes poll results
Himaja Reddy with Mahesh Vitta, Nagarjuna with Rahul Sipligunj and IBTimes poll results

Singer Rahul Sipligunj was sent back into the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house after he was evicted. IBTimes India survey shows that Himaja Reddy will be eliminated this week, while Mahesh Vitta remains safe.

As the episode of 62nd-day began, Nagarjuna appeared on the stage with Rahul Sipligunj and goes on to show what happened inside the house on Friday, before he started interacting with the contestants. After the tasks, Mahesh Vitta declared that Varun has become the 'Most Stylish Man' and Vithika Sheru the 'Most Stylish Woman' of the house.

Later, Akkineni Nagarjuna connected with the housemates and spoke to them about the task of the week and nomination process. He cross-questioned all of them and appreciated good performers. He revealed that there were double elimination and Mahesh Vitta, Rahul Sipligunj and Himja Reddy were in the danger zone. Two of them would be walking out of the house this weekend.

Nagarjuna gave Mahesh a remote and asks him to control Sreemukhi whenever she is loud. Later, housemates spoke to the photographs of their family members and thank them for coming to the show. The host kick-started the elimination and asked them to guess the housemates, who would be eliminated from the show and most of them named Himaja.

Nagarjuna announced that Rahul is evicted from the show. Most of the housemates bid him an emotional farewell. After appearing on stage, Rahul said that he learnt patience, behaviour and how to talk in the Bigg Boss house. He rated the housemates based on their honesty, task performance and friendliness. He dropped Bigg Bomb on Himaja, who is to peel off oranges for everyone for a week.

After talking to housemates, Nagarjuna announced that Rahul's elimination is fake and he would go inside the house. The host said that Big boss is playing the game and he does know everything about his game. The host has to act according to his instructions. Rahul thanks Nagarjuna for this chance. He is probably sent to a secret room.

One more housemate would be leaving the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house on Sunday. Viewers are curious about it. Some of them are busy guessing which contestant would walk out of the house. IBTimes India held a survey to predict the participants who would be evicted in the ninth week. Thousands of viewers cast their votes to save their favourite housemates.

In IBTimes India poll, Rahul Sipligunj was the choice of 46.68 percent voters and he is already saved from the eviction on Saturday. Mahesh Vitta has received 28.42 percent of the total votes and he will be safe. But Himaja Reddy, who has got 24.90 percent of the total votes, can be eliminated from the house tonight.