Rahul Gandhi narendra modi
Congress President Rahul Gandhi (right) in a tweet said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi, your Karma awaits you."Reuters

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi's father and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, saying that the life of Rajiv Gandhi ended as "Bhrashtachari No 1 (corrupt number 1)", referring to the Bofors scam, Congress President Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Modi on Sunday (May 5) for targeting his father.

Taking to Twitter, the Congress chief said, "Modi Ji, The battle is over. Your Karma awaits you. Projecting your inner beliefs about yourself onto my father won't protect you. All my love and a huge hug. Rahul."

Rajiv Gandhi's daughter and Uttar Pradesh East General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi called PM Modi's remarks an "insult to the martyrdom" of the former Prime Minister. "The prime minister who seeks votes in the name of martyrs insulted the martyrdom of a righteous and holy man," Priyanka tweeted. She also added that the people of Amethi will respond to his remarks. "This country never forgives the cheaters," she added.

Condemning Prime Minister's statement, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said the PM has crossed "all limits of propriety and decency". "Mr Modi has crossed all limits of propriety and decency by defaming a man (Rajiv Gandhi) who died in 1991. (sic)," read Chidambaram's tweet.

Several other Congress leaders, including Ahmed Patel, Sam Pitroda and Randeep Singh Surjewala, also slammed PM Modi's comments against Rajiv Gandhi.

Addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, PM Modi said, "Your father was termed 'Mr Clean' by his courtiers, but his life ended as 'Bhrashtachari No 1' (corrupt number 1)." PM Modi took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi's father and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and said that it was really him who was corrupt.

Back in 2018, the Congress leader made headlines, by hugging the PM Modi on the floor of parliament.