rahul gandhi
Congress President Rahul Gandhi.Reuters

Rahul Gandhi has changed his twitter handle after several people criticized his previous handle "OfficeofRG." The Congress president is now known as just Rahul Gandhi on Twitter.

The micro-blogging site has been abuzz with people talking about the change and some users are clearly having a ball taking digs at the Congress President. Some even seem to be wondering if "Pidi" will continue tweeting for Gandhi. 

In October 2017, the Congress president had joked that he doesn't tweet for himself but it was his dog Pidi, who was in charge of his twitter account. 

His previous handle has often been called "pretentious," but the new handle too has clearly not impressed many. Here are a few reactions.

Gandhi has often been questioned about his tweets and he had earlier said that he focuses on specific issues and instructs his communication team to do the same. 

"Actually, whatever is to be said, if it is well thought out, can be said in a few words. I reflect and give suggestions to my communication team and we tweet after fine- tuning them," the Times of India quoted Gandhi as saying earlier. 

"Generally, I do not tweet routine things such as best wishes, like the birthday of (L K) Advaniji. My thinking goes into political tweets."