Ragini MMS 2
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Sunny Leone starrer "Ragini MMS 2" has finally hit the screens but with mixed reviews.

While some critics have labelled it as a film that sticks to its genre, some others in their reviews stated the horror scenes are pretty funny.

The horror thriller is a sequel to 2011 "Ragini MMS" film and was produced under the Balaji Telefilms banner. Directed by Bhushan Patel, the film also features Saahil Prem, Divya Dutta, Parvin Dabas, Karan Mehra and Kainaz Motivala in supporting roles.

Check out the reviews here:

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "In the current scenario, horror movies rely completely on atmospherics and sound design to send a shudder down your vertebrae, unlike the days of yore when skeletons/skulls and mutilated dead bodies would be paraded to startle and scare the viewer. Bhushan seems to have rehearsed the craft, incorporating ingredients that compliment a spooky fare with bloodcurdling episodes. The story is one-dimensional, no doubt, but the writers encompass ample macabre moments that promise chills and scares. Also, Sunny's skin show heats up the proceedings. 

"RAGINI MMS-2 writers [Suhani Kanwar, Tanveer Bookwala] borrow from the horror erotica of the West, but show flair and imagination, besides packing ample jump-in-your-seat jolts in the narrative. 

"On the whole, RAGINI MMS-2 has ample scares, a generous dose of skin show, a winning soundtrack and of course, a sensuous Sunny Leone to spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S. This second helping is much more scrumptious and delicious than the first. Go, get spooked!"

Tushar Joshi of DNA said: "Thankfully Ragini MMS 2 has a solid backstory to fall back on which plays itself quite well in the second half. Not falling in the trap of letting the cliches get the better of them, the writers have managed to put together an interesting history to the happenings in the house.

"Despite the inspiration from Western horror shows and films, Patel manages to make those scenes his own. Those wanting to see Sunny in all her splendour and 'more' won't be disappointed! 

"Whether you are a Sunny Leone fan or not, Ragini MMS 2 still manages to raise a few scares and stay true to its genre."

Mihir Fadnavis of Firstpost said: "I can guarantee that not a single person connected to Ragini MMS 2 can look you in the eye and tell you they've seen even one horror movie in their entire lives. I will also eat my hat if even one person associated with this movie tells me they're proud of it. Nobody with a semblance of self-respect or a shred of knowledge on horror cinema could recommend Ragini MMS 2.

"The first film heavily borrowed from The Blair Witch Project in the finale, this one rips off Blair Witch 2. Like in that movie, a group of filmmakers try to recreate the events from the first movie at the same location and are chased around by the ghostly entity.

"Horror and comedy are blood brothers, and yet the film is not even remotely funny enough to please anyone over an IQ of 69. The makeup work is atrocious - the various 'ghostfaces' look like someone slammed a plate of fresh dung on the actors' countenances. The CGI is hilariously cheap and the special effects look like they're competing with Khooni Dracula at the technical frontier.

"After a great start to the year with a string of good films, the honeymoon has finally ended. Ragini MMS 2 reminds you that Bollywood still is a stinker conveyor belt."

Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com said: "Ragini MMS 2 is quite a pleasant surprise. It is not everyday that you begin your morning watching a Sunny Leone film, where she actually manages to bewilder you something close to a performance. Interestingly threaded with ample hair raising minutes, the film's ability to seem unrelentingly real is what makes it an entertaining watch. Not worth an Oscar but worth spending your popcorn over this weekend for sure.

"Ragini MMS 2 is far more lucid than Ragini MMS. Though the first half isn't exactly remarkable, the build up to the second half, the well used titillating show and the tight eldritch climax is what makes the film a worthwhile film here. Do not expect anything beyond mindless entertainment because this film is just the horror variation of a commercial potboiler. Don't attach logic, don't expect intelligence, just get entertained."

Karan Talwar of IBNLive in said: "#SunnyLeone just pulled a Meg Ryan from Harry Met Sally. Nothing makes an audience squirm more than a woman moaning. #RaginiMMS2. And now #SunnyLeone does romance Bollywood style. Can Sunny Leone act? No. Does anyone care? No. #RaginiMMS2

"Second half of #RaginiMMS2 is littered with scenes of more cleavage and hilarious horror scenes. Finale of #RaginiMMS2 leaves you extremely underwhelmed. No story, no characters. Just a chudail yelling expletives.

"See #RaginiMMS2 for Sunny's various lingerie outfits and semi nude scenes. The horror scenes are laughable. Final word: None of the actors leave an impression because the focus is on an extremely stiff and awkward Sunny Leone. #RaginiMMS2"