Mad bull in Bengaluru
Mad bull in Bengaluru [Representational image]Wikimedia

It was a chaotic scene for residents of Bengaluru's HAL area, who had to witness a raging bull run amok and attack everyone in sight. The mad bull went berserk on the streets of Annasandrapalya and L B Shastri Nagar since Friday before it was neutralised on Saturday. During the course of its rage, several people were injured and one 45-year-old drain worker Gurunatha sustained critical injuries.

According to a report by Deccan Herald, several people were knocked down by the bull on Friday afternoon on Annasandrapalya Main Road. Unable to contain the raging bull, the animal was left roaming on the busy streets of the HAL area. It was a little after 3 p.m. on Friday when the mad bull attacked Gurunatha, post which he immediately lost consciousness.

Gurunatha is currently hospitalized in a private hospital in Kaggadasapura and fighting for his life. Eyewitnesses described the incident as the bull attacked Gurunatha and roughed him up with its horns. The bull did not pay heed to any bystander's yelling and attempts to chase away.

The next day, the bull was back on the streets wreaking havoc. A woman was attacked and pinned down by the bull on Saturday before the public chased it away. The woman was rushed to the hospital by her family members, the report added.

Bull cornered, killed

Mad bull in Bengaluru
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With no help from the authorities, be it BBMP, the police or animal rescue, the public took upon themselves to try and neutralize the situation. The bull was chased by a dozen of people with rods, it was cornered and the public tried to tie it to a tree. The bull wanted to wiggle out, but all attempts failed. Moments later, it lost ran out of breath and dropped dead on the ground roadside.