Raghava Lawrence has been doing social service for years now. Especially during the lockdown, he has not only donated crores of rupees, but he has also helped the needy people in whatever way it is possible.

Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth
Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth.PR Handout

This had cast a shadow of doubt among a section of people over his intention, whether he was doing social service with an eye on politics. With his self-proclaimed guru and Tamil superstar Rajinikanth prepping up to contest the next election, people had a strong reason to believe that the multifaceted talent was foraying into politics.

Not to forget, Raghava Lawrence had defended Rajinikanth on numerous occasions when the Tamil superstar was targeted by his critics over his political entry.

Putting an end to the confusion and giving clarity on his political entry, Raghava Lawrence has said that he does not like negative politics, and for this reason, he always wanted to stay away from it. However, he will serve his guru Rajinikanth who wants to start spiritual politics.

He has hinted at Rajini's important political announcement in November.

Check out his unedited text from Facebook:


Hi friends and fans, Today I want to clear something very important. Last month I posted saying, We can do service even without entering politics. Here is my reason behind the statement, As I'm doing many social works My friends, fans , media friends and many politicians are asking me if I'm doing all this to enter into politics and few are advising me that I can do more service than this if I enter politics and mainly after doing service for the covid crisis the pressure has increased.

Raghava Lawrence
Raghava Lawrence.PR Handout

To everyone, I would like to say that I'm a common person. I have begun doing service by starting a home for children in my own house and whenever I needed help i request the government and everyone has lend their best support for me, like Kalaignar ayya , Stalin sir , Anbumani Ramadoss sir has helped for many heart surgeries and also Jayalalitha amma, Edappadi. K. Palaniswamy sir, O. Panneerselvam sir, Vijaya Baskar sir and others have supported me for doing various service.

I'm well aware that I can do more service than doing as a single man if I enter politics but The reason why I'm not entering politics and My mother also has the same opinion is because I don't like negative politics in which we need to talk bad about one another because I respect everyone. So, if anyone starts a party with no negativity and we need not talk bad or hurt other's then I will do my part to serve the public along with them.

I strongly believe that such a party with positive approach in India can only be achieved by My Guru Thalaivar Superstar Rajinikanth because he has never hurt anyone even if it's for a political reason. So, Even if he starts a party I believe that he will never hurt anyone ever. After Thalaivar starts his spiritual politics, being one among his million fans I will serve my best for the society along with him without any expectation.

Service is god