Soft-spoken Raghava Lawrence has lashed out at Seeman, who constantly attacks Rajinikanth over his personal life and political entry. Without taking his name, the multifaceted talent warned him not to cross his limits.

Speaking at an event, Raghava Lawrence said that there are only two type of politics – good and bad. The good politics encourage people to enter it and indicated that the bad politics try to prevents it.

"Let people criticise the policies or say the decision taken by him do not benefit the people, but I condemn those who unnecessarily target individuals for no reason. The thought of none should enter politics and only I should be in politics is wrong," he says.

Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth
Raghava Lawrence seeking Rajinikanth's blessings.Suresh Chandra

Rajinikanth's entry to politics has been strongly opposed by Seeman. The Tamil superstar's Karnataka has been used as a tool by his critics.

"Why do we fear so much? Politics is like a running race and a true champion will run the race with the competitors and emerge victorious. Those run without any competition cannot be declared winners," Lawrence said. "Is he the only son of Tamil mother? Are we born to foreigners?"

Lawrence further added that people should mind their language while criticising people. He too can use foul language to target people, but the Kanchana star does not stoop to such level as his Thalaiva (Rajini) will not appreciate it.

Lawrence recalled how Seeman had questioned him over donating Rs 1 crore on food and medicines during Jallikattu movement a few years ago. "Nee pantrudu votea kage, rajini rasikar panrodu natukage (You do it (donate) for votes, and Rajini fans do it for people).

Raghava Lawrence is a big fan of Rajinikanth and has always come forward to do his bit during natural calamities.