Rafale pan masala

The Rafale jets landed in India on Wednesday. This has become a national event. However, there's another Rafale making the rounds on Indian social media since 2019, the Rafale pan masala from Kanpur.

An ad for Rafale pan masala has become the rage once again, for its inspiration from India's defence aircraft acquired through a deal with France.

India already had another Rafale

In October 2019, an ad for Rafale pan masala was released, which showed animated aircraft modelled on the ones India was going to soon have on its soil. The advertisement went viral for the hilarious approach.

This 11-second video has once again emerged on the internet as the Rafale jets make the news again. From Kanpur, Rafale pan masala with the caption, 'Jan ki Juban' is what the internet is discussing. It's meant to be a tobacco and nicotine-free product. The pan masala is manufactured by R-AMP.

While some netizens found the ad hilarious, others called the ad inaccurate for using the F-14 TomCats instead of the actual Rafale aircraft. 

5 #IAF#Rafaleto land in India on July 29 at Ambala airbase. Meanwhile we already have India' fifth generation Pan Masala."- @ABHAY_1987

Again this pan masala adv . Dassault be like Person facepalming "galti kardi inlogo ko Rafale bech ke , jise ultimately Pan masala pe branding chipka ke bech rahe hai". Seriously these Pan Masala guys live in their own world from rolls royce to now Rafale!- @sierraromeo98

Rafale pan masala tweet

Last year the same advertisement made its way around the internet when Rafale jets came into the news. The ad was actually produced by the graphic designing team of Magicreel for the 'Rafale pan masala' company. Qazi Ilham had told ANI, "It was made by us for a client in Uttar Pradesh, the product is likely to be out in the market soon."

IBTimes couldn't independently verify the authenticity of the 'Rafale pan masala' packet or R-AMP's factory.