alien UFO
Representational image of a UFO behind some mountaints. Creative Commons

A video which has been submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has now taken conspiracy theorists to a rollercoaster ride filled with speculations, assumptions and wild imaginations.

The video which was apparently shot in Minnesota on June 08, shows a giant object hovering in the night skies, and interestingly, the shape of the craft resembles that of alien motherships which we have seen in Hollywood movies.

Unlike usual UFO sightings, the object spotted in the video looked so big, and three lights were attached into its ends. The object seems to be intact in the skies, and there were no signs of movement.

This incident which was captured from Highway 212 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota grabbed the attention of conspiracy theorists after 'UFOmania', a YouTube channel uploaded it on their social media handle. The video soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 6,000 views on YouTube.

Most of the viewers who watched the video admitted that the object spotted in the video is very big, unlike other unidentified flying objects which appeared in the skies in the past.

"This is a Reptilian ship. Probably malfunctioning that's why it became visible.," commented George Papadopoulos, a YouTube user.

A section of other conspiracy theorists argues that these objects might be three different drones, aligned in a line. They also alleged that government authorities are conducting drone testing in the night, and many times, these drones are misinterpreted as alien spaceships.

"While I firmly believe, police depts. across the states, via government grants, are involved with drone testings. I've had it here where I reside. a "sighting" was filmed and divulged. several others were filmed as well," commented Michigan Mister, another YouTube user.

However, some people have put forward a convincing explanation for this weird sighting. These skeptics argue that the three lights in the video are actually from three independent radio antennas. As these radio antennas are aligned in a straight line, the witness might have misunderstood it as a giant alien UFO.

The report of the new UFO sighting came just hours after another unidentified flying object was spotted in Iowa during thunderstorms. In the video released, three sphere-like UFOs were spotted moving erratically through lightning and storms. As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists started arguing that aliens usually approach thunderstorms and lightning to harvest energy from these natural sources.