Bollywood and controversies go hand in hand. Several videos of actors that are leaked have stirred controversies and gained a lot of eyeballs, in the past.  Let's take you down the memory lane when Shweta Basu Prasad and Radhika Apte's nude sex scene created a rage in media.

International Business Times, India takes you through the sex scandal involving Radhika Apte and Shweta Basu Prasad. What did Anurag Kashyap do to save his actors? And what's their version of the story.

What was the nude sex scene controversy?

One day a piece of news broke out that Shweta Basu Prasad has been involved in a sex scandal with Radhika Apte which was shot by Anurag Kashyap for a short film claims a DNA report. Apparently, the actress was one of the two women present during the shoot of the 'nude' scene that was clipped and circulated.

Radhika Apte's nude sex scene controversy

Radhika's version

While there was a lot of media frenzy over Radhika Apte's leaked nude video, it seems that the actress couldn't care less. In an interview with E3 Talkies, Radhika has been quoted as saying that she doesn't have the time for that.

She reasoned her indifference by adding that she thought that the world had lots of people who have no jobs and sit at home and do whatever they want to do. It is hence, she elaborates, that one can't waste their time going and making a complaint or even looking at it.

When asked if she had seen the film, she has been quoted as saying that she had and she laughed it off because she thought it was really funny. She added that she was too busy to waste her time doing that. She also asserted that neither she nor her family gets affected by any such thing and hence it didn't bother her.

Radhika and Shweta

Shweta's version

She was quoted in the report saying that she had assisted Anurag on the film and is proud of the content. Lashing out at the culprit, Shweta was quoted saying that the nude shot was asexual, innocent and beautiful and that to tear it out of context and use it for titillation was shameful.

Talking about the experience shooting for the scene, Shweta reminisces that Anurag had ensured that there was no one except two women present on the sets. She added that Anurag has a daughter and he is deeply sensitive to issues regarding the violation of a woman's private space.

Radhika Apte

Shweta on Radhika Apte's

Talking up for Radhika, Shweta said that she salutes her as a woman and as an actor as she knew how deeply affected by the scene. Shweta also asserted that seeing the manner in which things have unravelled, she feels that the decision of not showing the short film in India was correct.

Radhika and Anurag Kashyap

What did Anurag Kashyap do?

The cyber cell of Mumbai police registered a case against an unknown person for leaking an adult video of actress Radhika Apte, as reported by The Indian Express. The complaint was reportedly filed after director-producer Anurag Kashyap approached the Mumbai police with a complaint. A nude video featuring actress Radhika Apte, which was part of a 20-minute short film, was leaked. Anurag Kashyap has been furious over the leak of the video which he says was shot as part of a short film meant to be viewed abroad.

According to a Bombay Times report, Anurag Kashyap was not only angry but also feels responsible for the viral video of Radhika Apte, showing her frontal nude from below. The video was a snippet of a short film directed by Anurag for the international market. A few seconds of the 20-minute film was taken out, put up online and was being forwarded on WhatsApp.

Anurag has been quoted in the report as saying that his film was inspired from a true story and that it was very difficult to make it due to this little sequence in the film of a few seconds that involves the actress to lift her dress and expose her lower front part. He further added that it had taken them much time to do it in a non-sexual way and that the entire shooting crew was constituted of women.

Even while the footage was in post-production, the shot was pixelated. The leak only happened once the footage was delivered to New York. Anurag suspects an Indian guy involved in the leak and reasons that much more sexual content is available in the West and something like this does not get them excited.