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Not many people would know that Radhika Apte had tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Benedict Taylor, a London-based musician, in 2012, one year after the release of her debut film Shor In My City. The couple had been balancing their long-distance marriage by taking out some time to meet each other. However, the Sacred Games actress recently confessed that she believes falling in love with many people.

When Neha Dhupia asked Radhika about the 'temptations' on-sets on BFFs with Vogue - Season 3, Radhika admitted that she gets tempted to people adding that one doesn't have to be an actor to be tempted.

Talking about her philosophy around love, Radhika said in a statement, "I believe in falling in love with many people. I love too many people at the time also on various levels and in various ways. Like how I could love dancing and acting, why can't I love you and you in different ways? So I don't punish myself or tell myself 'Oh my God, what happened'."

She further added, "In life, you meet so many people and there are so many wonderful people and you get tempted. Sometimes it's a physical attraction, sometimes it's just admiration and that can be very potent also and I think that's beautiful. Why would you not address that aspect of your life?"

For the uninitiated, Radhika and Benedict had met through common friends eight years ago. They hit it off and soon culminated their relationship into marriage. It was a registered marriage.

In her earlier interview, Radhika had said that either she flies off to London or her husband comes to India to meet her. She said that they are committed to being together for a few days every month and sometimes they cancel their other plans to make that happen. And Radhika says that monogamy is a choice and compulsion.

"Monogamy or being with one person has to be a choice made every day. It can't be a compulsion. I need to make that choice every day, wake up and say this is the person I want to be with." She said she is lucky to have a husband like Benedict Taylor, " Radhika Apte said on Neha Dhupia's show.

Radhika also addressed a rumour about her which stated that she was dating Tusshar Kapoor. She said that it was not true.