Radha Ravi and Nayanthara
Radha Ravi and Nayanthara.PR Handout

Radha Ravi is set to pay a huge price for his distasteful comments on leading South Indian actress Nayanthara. The usually silent film industry and celebrities too have broken their silence for slut-shaming her at a film event on Saturday, 23 March. Here, we are listing out five major developments since he made sly remarks against her.

Call for boycott
Cine-goers are demanding the filmmakers to boycott him for his misogynistic comments. People have been urging them not to invite him to film events and not to cast him in the film, which could eventually send out a strong message to such people. 

KJR Studios is the first studio which has announced that it would not cast him in its films and requested all their partners to not associate with him.

DMK Suspends Radha Ravi
The DMK has taken action against Radha Ravi by temporarily suspending him from the primary membership for indiscipline and bringing disrepute to the party. It comes after netizens exerted pressure on DMK president MK Stalin and Kanimozhi asking them to take strict action against him.

Radha Ravi's Reaction
After being condemned from all quarters, Radha Ravi has regretted making those comments at the audio launch function of Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. The veteran actor has said that he is willing to meet both Nayan and her partner Vignesh Shivan as his words have pained them.

On DMK's action, he said, "If I am considered a liability by the party, I am ready to leave the party."

Radha Ravi on Nayanthara
Here is what Radha Ravi said about Nayanthara.PR Handout

Vignesh Shivan Hits Back at Siddharth
Siddharth has taken digs at Nayanthara for her silence during #MeToo campaign and the multilingual actor highlighted the selective outrage of the people, indicating that Chinmayi did not get support from the film industry.

What He had Posted:

To any woman with influence who chose to be silent about #MeToo because of petty insecurity or prioritized outrage, please know you are as guilty as the men who dismissed the movement out of inherent misogyny. Each individual must take responsibility irrespective of gender.

I was shocked that my entire fraternity was either silent or cynical about the #MeToo movement; I silently rued the fact that it would take only the anger of a powerful woman to make the sleeping wake up. If you speak up only when your own are affected, it's not called bravery.

Reacting to Siddharth's views, Vignesh Shivan posted the below Tweet:

Vignesh Shivan about Nayanthara's Silence on #MeToo
Vignesh Shivan responds to Siddharth's comment.Vignesh Shivan Twitter Account

Celebs Condemn

Celebrities, who had refused to speak up during #MeToo movement, apparently for their own insecurities, have come out in large number to condemn Radha Ravi. Their reactions can be seen below:

Vishal: Dear #radharavi SIR.Yes as a gen Secy of Nadigar sangam I wish I had da pleasure of signing the letter of condemning u 4 yr stupidity n yr recent speech against women n particular.its snt 2 u.grow http://up.call yaself Ravi fm nowonwrds Coz u hv a woman s name n ya name.

DD Neelakandan: I have huge respect for hardworking women... I believe only their hard work speaks for them ... #NAYANTHARA ur above all this

Radikaa Sarathkumar: Nayanthara is one of the few dedicated actors we hav today, have the pleasure knowing her and sharing professional space with her, she is above all this, did not watch full video , but met Ravi today and told him it was not in good taste at all.

KhushbuSundar: A proud INDIAN..a Proud woman.. ❤️: The easiest way men find to boost their ego is by shaming or character assassinating a woman..how a woman lives or what she does with her is nobody's business..#Nayan is a beautiful person inside out..those who shame her n were clapping are an insult to the fraternity of cinema..

Here is How Celebs Reacted to Radha Ravi's Comment
Celebs slam Radha Ravi.Screen shot