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Director Shankar's Telugu movie Raa Raa featuring Srikanth, Naziya and Seetha Narayana in the lead has received mixed reviews and average ratings from critics and viewers.

Raa Raa is a horror comedy thriller. Director Shankar has written the script for the movie, which has been produced by M Vijay under the banner Viji Cherrish Visions. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of 2 hours 24 minutes.

Raa Raa movie story: The movie is about aspiring filmmaker Giri Babu (Meka Srikanth), who plans to shoot a horror film in a bungalow filled with several ghosts. He starts working on the project along with his team (Raghu Babu, Venu, Jeeva, Prudhvi and Hema). The twist in the tale is that he unexpectedly falls in love with a ghost. How he escapes from the spirit forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Director Shankar has chosen a tried-and-tested story and has put some interesting twists and comedy scenes that make Raa Raa an entertaining and engaging film, say viewers.

Performances: Meka Srikanth has done justice to his character of an aspiring filmmaker, and his performance is good. Naziya and Seetha Narayana have done their jobs well. Jeeva, Venu, Getup Sreenu, Ali, Chammak Chandra, Raghu Babu and Posani Krishna Murali's comic timings are among the highlights of the movie, say viewers.

Technical: Raa Raa has good production values. The background score, picturization, special effects, art direction and dialogues are attractions on the technical front, say filmgoers.

Raa Raa movie review live updates: We bring you some Telugu audiences' verdict on the film, as shared on Twitter. Continue to see their viewers' response:

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#RaaRaa --- ( 1.5/5) Jaded n Suffocating Horror flick.....There's absolutely NO seriousness in the film as the story takes off in 2nd Half.Even the COMEDY tracks gives you HEADACHE...... Better to AVOID

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

After watching a movie like #RaaRaa, I am positively convinced that there is no death of talent in making abstract films that don't make any sense. A highly learning experience in how can an idea be converted into scrap film.

The Telugu Filmnagar

Be it the writing or cinematography, it is very good. The interval bang is terrific as it sets curiosity levels to the peak. Thus, one expect the second-half to be more serious laced with drama, thrill. To an extent, it serves to the expectations. However, the second half could have been better given an impressive interval bang. Yet, Raa Raa delivers to its segment of audiences. Srikanth has succeeded in his maiden horror film.

123Telugu Rating: 2.25

Horror comedies are quite common in Tollywood and half of them have the same story. But some films click because of the packaging and comedy which is good to an extent. But sadly for Raa Raa, there is no story, proper narration, and basic thrills. Apart from Srikanth and Shakala Shankar's sincere performance, this film is filled with over the top and silly proceedings which make you look towards the exit doors most of the time. Stay away from this one.

The Hans India Rating: 2.25

Srikanth should change the style and taste he is showing while selecting the scripts. There is nothing exceptional to tell about the film. The point of the movie is routine, and we have already seen it in several other movies in the past. The characterisations lack strength, and hence the audiences find everything artificial while watching the film. On the whole, the film can be skipped easily.

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