Sid Meier's "Civilisation VI" is all set to welcome the "Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India and Defender of the Faith," Queen Victoria's England on Oct. 21 on PC.

Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire for 63 years, and expanded her territory via military conquest. Moreover, her reign is commonly called as the Victorian Era.

Publisher 2K and developer Firaxis Games revealed that the new addition would have three new features:

Unique District: Royal Navy Dockyard

Portsmouth on the southern coast of England had the first shipbuilding dockyard, dating back to 1496. Moreover, the British Empire had one of the most advanced and powerful naval forces in the world. It had naval facilities worldwide that would allow the British Navy to "dock, refit, repair and overhaul" their ships for battle.

Unique Unit: Redcoat

The Royal British Army is famous (or infamous) for its Redcoats that the infantrymen wore. These Redcoats were being shipped to the British Army in countries as far as U.S, Zululand, India, Egypt and elsewhere. It was believed that Redcoats would hide the blood stains, but it did not, as blood turned black eventually. The soldiers in these loud uniforms became an easy target to their enemies.

Unique Unit: Sea Dog

The Sea Dogs were a group of privateers, who were given the permission by Queen Elizabeth I to own and lead armoured ships and captain them, all in private capacity but could attack and pillage other countries, like they did in the Caribbean.