Season 8 episode 6 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" was quite an eventful one with the cast of "Little Women: LA" joining the queens on their ramp. The challenge of "Wizards of Drag" saw the queens not only giving the lovely ladies a makeover, but also performing a dance number for the judges.

As entertaining as the challenge was, the episode saw the sad elimination of one of the most talented and unique drag queens of the season, Robbie Turner. International Business Times India spoke to the queen about her time in the reality show and her future plans as part of the weekly "Queen that Sashayed Away."

Here are the edited excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times:  How would you describe your journey in "RuPaul's Drag Race?"

Robbie Turner: I would describe it as...tumultuous.

IBT: In every look that you put together, the personality of Robbie Turner shined through and it was very distinctive. What would you describe your style as?

Turner: It's based in vintage, but to me vintage is much more than the 40's or something like that. I think the word classic gets thrown around a lot in a negative way, but we all still read Dickens and Austin so I'm a book people want to read!

IBT: Your lip sync battle on roller skates was definitely a one to remember. Do you think they were your lucky charms?

Turner: I love roller skating, I think it's so joyful. You feel sexy and fun. There's a reason Beyoncé and Madonna came out with roller skate I think I'm gonna need to make one of my own. Purple is my favourite colour and the skates had purple wheels. I guess they were my lucky charm. And I didn't know RuPaul skated – when I saw that I screamed!

IBT: One of the main criticisms you received throughout your performances in the show was about your wigs. Have you made any changes to your wig collection after "Drag Race?"

Turner: It's funny, I had a lot of wigs but you don't really have a chance to unpack your hair. I think since I lightened my makeup so much the wig line was dareish. But you go to the show expecting critique, so I'm thankful it was something that I can fix and not like "you're a horrible human being and please stop doing drag for the sake of the world." If RuPaul said that I feel like I'd have to kill myself, in an animated humorous way...but I have changed a few things. Challenge accepted.

IBT: What challenge did you have the most fun doing?

Turner: My favourite episode was the "New Wave Queens," which was really the Team Les Chicken Wings episode. The silent killers! Naomi, Kim Chi, and I worked stupidly well together and one of my childhood heroes Debbie Harry was there, and it was my birthday; everything about that day was wonderful and perfect.

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IBT: Which runway look were you most happy about showcasing?

Turner: I really loved my roller girl outfit, but I felt so beautiful in that red Vera Wang dress. It's cumbersome and big and bulky. I'd never seen myself walking in it or the way the dress moves until the episode aired.

IBT: In our interview with Acid Betty she had revealed that she was a fan of your drag. How would you respond to this?

Turner: Was she really?? Oh I didn't see that! I love Acid Betty's drag, it's so exhilarating and different. Her roller girl, I was screaming for backstage! I think that's so sweet it's nice to hear that! It's nice to be around the Queens now, it's kind of like we're meeting again and can just be friends because there is no more competition.

IBT: Which fellow drag queen are you a fan of?

Turner: To me, Kim and Naomi are a match set. We're the Golden Girls – you can't pick just one, they all go together! They were my biggest supporters and I think that really showed in the Chicken Wings episode.

IBT: What do you want viewers to remember the most about you and your art?

Turner: I'm a lot more versatile than you think I am. I think people were surprised I could do the New Wave punk challenge. Don't judge the book before you've read the book.

IBT: What is next for Robbie Turner?

My goal is to have my own variety television show. The Robbie Turner Review at the Hard Rock Café – I'm going to tour it around and one day it will be on TV.