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"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8 has had to bid goodbye to many amazing, talented queens, but it is safe to say Chi Chi DeVayne's elimination in episode 9 was probably the saddest one yet. Among all the queens, Chi Chi debatably showed most progress on the show and it was unfortunate that she didn't make it to the top 3 of the competition.

However, Chi Chi did manage to go much farther than anyone would have anticipated in the initial episodes of "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8. Check out what she told International Business Times, India about her "Drag Race" journey in this week's edition of "Queen that Sashayed Away."

International Business Times: How would you describe your journey on "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8?

Chi Chi DeVayne: It was a hard, a very hard journey, but it taught me a lot of great things along the way about how to be more polished and also a better person in life.

IBT: What was your favourite challenge from the season?

Chi Chi: My favourite challenge was the book ball because I got to show my unconventional 'give me something and I'll come up with something' motive and it was great. I also got to portray my real mom.

IBT: Of the top 3, who are you rooting for this season?

Chi Chi: Most definitely Bob the Drag Queen! She is a queen for the people!

IBT: Of all your co-contestants, whose drag were you most impressed with? 

Chi Chi: I was most definitely impressed with Naomi Smalls. I don't know if I live for her body or looks but her outfits were fitted to a tee. I wish I could fit into everything she wore.

IBT: Looking back, is there anything you are not proud of – in terms of runway looks or performances or even interactions with the other queens?

Chi Chi: The Wizard of Oz outfit was the worst thing I've ever seen! I wish I would have done something different.

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IBT: You were the dancing queen of the season; do you think being on the show helped you develop as a dancer or were you always this good?

Chi Chi: I have always been a great dancer. I have always been an entertainer and this is just the first time people have gotten to see what I can do.

IBT: Which runway look are you most proud of?

Chi Chi: The final runway look, because I don't really do pageant and I think I did a damn good job on the final look, considering we had to do it ourselves!

IBT:  If you were to criticise yourself, where do you think you lacked in earning top 3 spot?

Chi Chi: The look department! I lacked in the look department and that was my ultimate downfall.

IBT: What do you want fans to remember about you from the show?

Chi Chi: That I was a great entertainer, and that I came from nothing and turned it out every episode.

IBT: What is next for ChiChi DeVayne?

Chi Chi: I would love to do something other than drag in music and theatre.