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Prince Harry just became a new father, but he has not let parenthood, slow him down when it comes to his Royal responsibilities. Prince Harry has strived hard to prove that he is a diligent and hardworking Royal. But it looks like there were days when the Queen was concerned about the Duke of Sussex.

Apparently, the Queen and Prince Charles were worried history would repeat itself and Prince Harry would find himself "struggling" to find a role after leaving the Army - just as it happened to another member of the Royal Family, namely Prince Andrew who served in the Royal Navy between 1978 and 2001 and became a war veteran after serving with distinction as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland War in 1982. 

According to the source after his days in the military Prince Andrew "struggled" to find a role as a working royal for years, and he eventually "damaged" his reputation with the public. This made the Queen and Prince Charles concerned about Prince Harry's future as a Royal, when he left his military career in 2015 after serving for ten years, according to Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story. 

Prince Harry
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The author, citing the source, said: "At first the Prince of Wales in particular raised concerns about his youngest son leaving the career he loved and was so good at.....It was his view that the Army gave Harry both a focus and a purpose."

However, it looks like their concerns were unwarranted as Prince Harry seems to be thriving in his role as a Royal. With his wife and newborn by his side, the Duke of Sussex looks ready to conquer anything. You can check out the video here: