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Prince Harry was reportedly not pleased with a reporter who wrote a headline about the Duke of Sussex meeting "Five virgins."

Reportedly Prince Harry once asked a member of his press team why a headline reported he "met five virgins" in Nepal, revealed a royal correspondent. Rhiannon Mills, who wrote the article, claimed Prince Harry "reads and watches everything." Ms. Mills was surprised that Prince Harry reacted tot the piece or rather the headline.

Speaking on 'Behind the Headlines' podcast, the Sky News correspondent recollected: "I for a while didn't appreciate how much everything that I write or record or broadcast, they do watch. Prince Harry once, it was one of his press team, I said 'oh, is he having a nice time? We're in Nepal.'

It is likely that Ms. Mills was trying to catch eyeballs with the headline. There are a number of ways the headline could have been worked to be more dignified. But if that had been done, it may not have caught the Prince's attention. 

Prince Harry
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"They said 'yeah he's having a great time, he did ask me this morning Rhiannon why your headline says Prince Harry meets five virgins.' And I said 'well that was a headline that was put on by the team back in the UK.' Ms. Mills had quite the explanation for why that particular headline was chosen. "And he had met five young ladies and, in Nepalese, their title did translate into English as 'five virgins'."

Prince Harry may not have been pleased with the twisted words used. Sky News presenter Tom Macleod remarked: "Bet that was a fun phone conversation you had with the news desk." Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first child baby Archie Harrison on May 6, but it seems like duty comes before all for the Prince as he has not been able to spend as much time as he wants with his son because of his Royal duties. You can check out the video here: