The huge ratings of "Quantico" and its buzz on social media speak tomes for its popularity, but now, with a People's Choice Award to her credit just months after she debuted as Alex Parrish, Priyanka Chopra has proved it is in fact possible to be equally loved by her "desi" and "videsi" fans. Meanwhile, we are still suffering from "Quantico" withdrawal, since the show has gone on a hiatus after Season 1 Episode 11, titled "Inside".

In the mid-season finale, we were shocked by the realisation that there were not just two bombs, but at least three explosives planted by terrorists in New York City. While the team of FBI diffusers were able to prevent the blast at the hotel where the Democratic conference was scheduled, a third bomb exploded in the neighbouring FBI command central.

We are yet to see the aftermath of that explosion, but we do know someone Alex knows closely has been killed or at least hurt. We do know someone within the FBI is planning the attacks, or is closely associated with the terrorists executing them. Although our initial idea was to cross-check on the NATs, we do believe the inside terrorist could have been Liam (Josh Hopkins) or Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis).

In the recap portion of "Inside", we learned Alex and Liam were together during the New Year, both having left the Haas' party together. Alex was heartbroken after Ryan's (Jake McLaughlin) ex-wife Hannah (Eliza Coupe) advised her to not break his heart again.

The relationship between Alex and Liam has always been hard to read; although they have never had a typical teacher-student/father-daughter relationship, Alex did go out of her way to help him, when he started spiralling down the self-destructive path her father had taken.

However, their relationship has seemed a tad bit more than platonic, with lingering looks here and there. In Episode 11, when Alex asks Liam to spend some time with her, Liam reminds her he is her teacher and Alex shyly yet smugly replies: "Then teach me".

It is hard to see past the innuendo in her response, but when asked if they do actually hook up on New Year, executive producer Joshua Safran told TV Line: "You will find out in the next couple of episodes what happened". Although Safran is very cautious with his spoilers we do believe they at least shared a little kiss.

After all, in the pilot it was mentioned that Liam had fallen in love with her. It would make sense if Liam read too much into Alex's affection for him and decided to make a move. Although it wouldn't make him the terrorist, it would very well explain why he was quick to believe Alex was behind the Grand Central bombing in the first place.