In the upcoming episode of BBC's "QI" titled "Maths," it seems that Stephen is all set to give a couple of lessons in geometry to the fellow panelists.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Stephen Fry masters the maths with Sandi Toksvig, Aisling Bea, Susan Calman and Alan Davies.

In the promo of the episode, it is seen that Stephen is showcasing a mathematical figure to the rest of the panelists. The figure contains three different sized squares embedded in a circle.

The figure is attached to a standee wheel. Once explaining certain mathematical elements regarding the figure, Stephen rotates the wheel. As result, a coloured liquid starts to fill in all the three squares subsequently.

Alan jokes that looking at the liquid running through all the geometrical shapes of the figure makes him feel like peeing. Other panelists also comment on Stephen's technique and what it could really mean.

Undoubtedly, the episode will emphasise on certain mathematical information as is clear from the title. However, what sort of information Stephen will share, it can be seen only in the latest episode.

In the previous episode titled "Miscellany," Stephen engaged the visitors in a conversation regarding what exactly a brown-headed cowbird and why it has a brown head.

While Noel and Cariad explained their bizarre theories behind the colour of the particular bird, Rhod shifted the discussion towards "brooding" parasites and what they really mean.

Rhod humorously told Alan that brooding parasite may refer to relatives who always visit without giving notice. Stephen corrected him and said that such parasites are ones that multiply in a singular body.

Stephen further went on to explain that if some other bird, like a cuckoo, tries to touch the eggs of a brown-headed cowbird, it destroys its own eggs and builds a much sturdier nest next time to protect it.