In the latest episode of BBC's "QI", titled "Miscellany", Noel Fielding, Cariad Lloyd, Rhod Gilbert, Alan Davies and Stephen Fry discuss the brown-headed cowbird and brood parasitism.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, it seems Stephen has engaged the visitors in a conversation regarding what exactly a brown-headed cowbird and why it has a brown head.

In the promo, it is shown that while Noel and Cariad explains their bizarre theories behind the color of the particular bird, Rhod shifts the discussion towards "brooding" parasites and what they really mean.

Rhod humorously tells Alan brooding parasite may refer to relatives who always visit without giving notice. Laughing, Stephen corrects him and says such parasites are ones that multiply in a singular body.

Stephen further goes on to explain that if some other bird, like a cuckoo, tries to touch the eggs of a brown-headed cowbird, it destroys its own eggs and builds a much sturdier nest next time to protect it.

Afterwards, Cariad also explains that the bird protects blue eggs with utmost care as they are usually her favourite.

In the previous episode, titled "M-Places", Jimmy Carr, Sheila Hancock, Alan Davies and Jeremy Clark appeared on the show to make paper-fold objects.

Stephen showcased various objects made by folding paper to the participants, while they tried to figure out how to do them. Jimmy was surprised by the origami technique of folding paper, while Alan almost strangled himself with a piece of paper.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was intrigued by the whole origami concept and joked that the artist was trying to build a crane and accidentally ended up with a folded sheet of paper.