Puthiya Niyamam Review
Puthiya Niyamam ReviewPuthiya Niyamam/Facebook

IBTimes Rating 3.5

If you think "Puthiya Niyamam" is a usual superstar flick, you might be wrong. Sure the AK Sajan directorial features superstar Mammootty, but it Nayantara who shines throughout the film. The movie deals with serious problems women face in this society and how Nayantara's character deals with sexual harrassment. 

Even though the movie seems to lag at times, the strong message on empowering women to fight against the issues they face, make it worth a watch. While the film doesn't have even a shred of violence or blood, it is intense and all the actors' natural performance becomes one of the major highlights of the flick.


As usual Mammootty has done a decent job as a divorce specialist advocate, an artist as well as movie reviewer Louis Pothen. He is a chauvinist with communist leanings and the actor has even tried to show a humourous side of his character through the movie. However, it is Nayantara who gets more screen space in the film and hence "Puthiya Niyamam" can be called a female-centric movie. Nayantara's role as Vasuki Iyer is one of her career's best until now and her decision to dub in her own voice for her character is worthy of appreciation. Baby Ananya, who is seen as the couple's daughter Chintha, seems to be a promising child artiste.

Sheelu Abraham as DCP Jeena Bhai and Rachana Narayankutty as Kanimani do justice to their characters, but Aju Varghese and Kottayam Pradeep could only shine in one or two scenes. Sohan Seenulal, who plays the role of Mammootty's assistant and screenwriter SN Swami have also done a good job. The actors who were seen in the role of Pacha Basmam, Sudeep Mohan and Aryan too need a special mention.

Direction and Scripting

With thrilling moments accompanied by right amount of comedy, AK Sajan's scripting in "Puthiya Niyamam" makes the movie interesting and thought provoking. Mammootty's character is also seen taking digs at Kerala politics, politicians, new generation Malayalam films, radio shows and even Ranjini Haridas. 

Music and technical aspects

Gopi Sunder's background score and Vinu Thomas' music are intense that blend well with situations in the movie, but once the film is over, the songs do not stay in our mind. Roby Varghese Raj's debut cinematography and Vivek Harshan's crisp editing also make the movie engaging. Nayantara's costumes are excellent and she looks gorgeous throughout the movie.


"Puthiya Niyamam" is a crime thriller and towards the climax there are chances for the audience to draw some similarities with Mohanlal's blockbuster movie "Drishyam." The method used in one of the crimes could have been avoided as it might lead to a negative impact in the society. The use of "technology" in helping Vasuki to become a strong personality was not very convincing either. 

Even though the movie has some flaws, watch "Puthiya Niyamam" without much expectations and it will keep you interested. It delivers a postive message to the society and is a watchable family thriller. 

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