Puri Jagannath to Launch HD Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil Gowda
A picture of Puri Jagannath.IB Times India

Director Puri Jagannath has filed a complaint against Sudhir, Mutyala Ramdas and Abhishek, alleging that they assaulted him over some financial dispute. However, the distributors have denied the allegations.

Puri Jagannath recently registered a case at the Jubilee Hills police station against three distributors. In his complaint, the director reportedly claimed that Sudhir, Mutyala Ramdas and Abhishek came to his house last week and demanded money, stating that they had suffered financial losses from his recent release "Loafer." They manhandled him and threatened with dire consequences.

But Puri's complaint has come as a surprise for the three distributors, who denied meeting the director in the last three months. Abhishek, who distributed "Loafer" in Nizam area, admitted suffering losses from the film and seeking help of the film chamber. "We had registered a complaint with the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce three months ago," he told the Deccan Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the distributor said that he has not either met or spoken to him over phone for the last three months. "I was not in touch with Puri for almost three months and have not even made any calls to him in these three months. He is always under high security and there are so many cameras installed in his house and office, which can prove our innocence," Abhishek added.

Mutyala Ramdas earlier distributed Puri's "Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu," which had incurred a loss of Rs. 81 lakh. He had recently distributed "Loafer" in East Godavari. He says Puri is a good friend. "I am physically handicapped and have no strength to manhandle him," the distributor told DC.

Kaali Sudheer is one of the three distributors facing assault charges by Puri. But he is confused over the case as he is not connected to Loafer in any way. "I'm in Mumbai since a week. Moreover, I've no clue why he registered a complaint against me when I am not in any way related to the movie," DC quoted Sudheer as saying.

Puri has armed security personnel and CCTV cameras installed as his office as well as home. People in the industry are really surprised by his complaint. Some even think that his act must be a publicity stunt for his upcoming movies "Rogue" and another film with Kalyan Ram.