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Films based on friendship and love story generally opens well, but "Purani Jeans" has failed to do so. The film directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu has received negative reviews from critics upon its release.

The director has used the same formula of love triangle and problem between friends because of a girl. According to critics, the film has nothing new to showcase and one can easily avoid it.

The film stars Tanuj Virwani, son of veteran actress Rati Agnihotri, Izabelle Leita and Aditya Seal in the lead roles.

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Koimoi.com in its review said: "Purani Jeans is easily avoidable. The film offers you nothing interesting or knowledgeable for that matter. It is a film that you may watch if you have absolutely no plans and still want to enjoy the experience of sitting in a theatre and munching on popcorn without wondering what is going on the screen.

"The film is like any other youth centric film that fails to portray the emotions of friendship and love in a relatable manner. There is less cohesiveness in the story and more often that not one loses interest. Purani Jeans is a fickle attempt to make you relive your college memories. The least you expect in a film aimed at the youth is to have a good music, but Ram Sampath seems to have lost his midas touch as the musical tones rather than uplifting the film make it sink even more."

Akshay Kaushal of IBNLive said: "#PuraniJeans shows what teenagers expect from their parents. #TanujVirwani's mother role is played by his real life mother #RatiAgnihotri. Interesting. #PuraniJeans. The picturesque Kasauli keep you intrigued while watching #PuraniJeans

"The audience walk out of the theater while the movie continues. That's enough to speak about the movie. #PuraniJeans"

Lokesh Dharmani of Masala said: "The characterization in the movie is its strength. To sum up in a line, Puranji Jeans has the oldest story with lackluster characters, half-baked emotions and terrible acting. I feel bad for the debutant director and actors but even worse for the viewers!"

Bollywood Hungama in its review said: "The director and the film's story writer Tanushri Chattrji Bassu, clearly knows as to what she wanted in this youth drama and she delivers it without any fumble. It would have been great though if she had added some more twists and turns in this otherwise predictable film. As far as the star cast is concerned, despite Tanuj being the 'hero', its Aditya Seal who steals the show and how!

"Ram Sampath, who has composed both, the music as well as the film's background score, needs to be applauded for coming up with some memorable tunes. The songs' lyrics and the music seem to complement each other beautifully. While the editors Apurva Motiwale and Ashish Mhatre are commendable in their departments, the work of the cinematographers Sunil Patel and Christo Bakalov, seem to be a step ahead of them. 

"All in all, this film is worth a watch once... all for the sake of friendship."