The authorities and narcotics agencies can deny all they want, but ask anyone in Punjab and Chandigarh, drugs, substance abusers and small-time peddlers are having a field day consuming cocaine and monetizing it. When moles exist in the system and those in uniform are complicit, it is impossible to check the menace.

On Friday, BSF apprehended two Punjab Police cops with two packets of heroin (chitta) in Ferozepur. As per the statements by local witnesses, the Punjab Police cops were in a white Swift car and they had hidden the drug packets at the front under the car's bonnet.

The part of the bonnet where heroine was hidden

The video of the incident where they were apprehended went viral on social media. Shockingly, when BSF apprehended them, a sub-inspector can be heard talking to someone saying, "Sir." The video alludes to the involvement of higher officials in the hierarchy. The incident not just raises some disturbing questions about the system, but primarily answers why it is impossible to control the rampant consumption and availability of drugs.

Punjab Police officers caught red handedScreengrab

In a joint intelligence-led operation, last month itself, the Border Security Force and the Punjab Police apprehended two Pakistani smugglers on the border of Ferozepur and recovered 29 kilograms of heroin. Back then when the news of the operation made it to national and social media, many wondered, "if such significant amounts of narcotics get caught, then how much actually makes its to the unorganized market. After all, substance abuse is common and contraband is only a few contacts away."

The news spread shock and disgust but not surprise!

Many of the users questioned and lamented the lack of will, novelty and innovative ways to tackle the menace of drugs. Why can't testing for drugs be made mandatory in every organization and college? If there are no end users, what will the peddlers do? "If the authorities decide to end the menace of drugs, they can. But they don't want to, the cartel is way too strong," commented a user echoing the sentiments of many.