Think of Lavani and the first thing to strike the mind will be a Marathi folk in its most erotic form performed by women dancing to the beats of a dholak. But the notion, which usually centres on sexually explicit performances by women for men, is just one among the many interpretations of the dynamism of the art form. And this has been corrected by Babaji Kamble from Baramati, Pune.

A video of the auto driver's amazing Lavani performance, along with the seductive styled expressions, on popular song Mala Jau Dyana Ghari is going viral on social media and the people simply love it.

Lavani dance

Talent is not only limited to studios

A short clip of the lovely dance video was shared on Twitter by the Deputy Director of Maharashtra Information Centre, Dayanand Kamble.

Kamble captioned the video, 'He is #BabajiKamble an auto driver from Baramati, #Pune. Make him famous (sic).'

Kamble had initially only tweeted the video first on March 12. He later retweeted the same video with more details about the dancer/driver.

Lavani tweets

In the four-minute-long video, Kamble shows some popular Lavani steps at an auto stand. He then breaks it into more graceful steps while the bystanders and other auto drivers at the stand enjoy and cheer him up.

The video has so far managed to garner more than 71.8k views and several thousand likes within a span of just two days, while netizens haven taken a step forward to praise Kamble and his awe-inspiring skills in Lavani.