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Gutkha users beware! (Representational image)ANI

The Pune police have started penalising people for spitting in public places. 

Offenders are not only being forced to clean up the streets but are also being fined Rs 100 for spitting in public places. 

The Bibwewadi police, in particular, have started this practice after a campaign was launched at Satara Road, Gangadham Chowk, Market Yard, Swami Vivekananda Chowk, and Gaothan, reports Mirror Now. This campaign is headed by Bibwewadi's ward inspector Avinash Sakpal.

He said that this will make people learn cleanliness and self-discipline.

"People are spraying gutkha and tobacco on the road without any fear. Our campaign's main objective is to teach them a stern lesson and in maintaining the cleanliness in the city," Sakpal was quoted saying by Mirror Now.

He went on to say, "We know that this is very harsh punishment but in future, they will think before they spray gutkha and tobacco on public places. We noticed that penalty in the form of money only was not working. Instead, giving self-reliance lessons in such a manner will be remembered throughout their life. The success of this campaign is in its unique approach."

Under the campaign, 25 people have been told to clean up their spit with water.