Manoj Kumar Behra, Pulwama attack martyr.
Manoj Kumar Behra, Pulwama attack martyr.

The family of Manoj Kumar Behra, one of the martyrs among 45 CRPF personnel killed Pulwama attack last year, was still grieving the death of their beloved son that an incident has now put them in a fix.


The parents of the deceased jawan found themselves in a state of poverty after the wife, Elilate, deserted her in-laws from the right over financial aid disbursed by the government. This move by Elilate has left Manoj Kumar's parents with no financial support.

Wife claimes 51 lakh aid

After the Manoj Kumar's death during the Pulwama attack, the deceased's wife moved away from their home after claiming the financial aid of 51 lakh given by the government to the family as she wants to use it for the education of her daughter. 

According to India Today's report, Jitendra Behra, the father of the deceased said, "Our daughter in law, Elilate Behera left us after receiving all the financial support from the government.

He further added, "She received a sum of Rs 25 lakhs from the state government and another 30 lakhs from the union government in form of financial aid disbursed by the government for the family members of soldiers who lost their lives in the attack."

'He looked after us when he was alive' 


Jitendra Behra expressed, "Our son was everything for us since his death our life has been miserable. He looked after us when he was alive. All the money that the government sent our way was deposited into our daughter in laws account.

"Now she tells us that we didn't have any right over the money. I don't know what to do and where to go for help." 

Manoj Kumar's wife, Elilate, declined the job offered by the government as their daughter was quite young and she will only be able to only after their daughter is 5 years old.

On speaking about her move, Elilate said, " I have received a sum of Rs 51 lakhs as financial aid from the government, and I want to ensure that my daughter gets good education out of the money."

'Sheer Injustice'


Netizens took to Twitter and said that injustice has been committed towards the immediate family of the deceased jawan and shared similar experiences.  Several even came forward to enquire how they can help the martyr's parents. 

While one Twitterati said, "Manoj Behra, Pulwama Attack Martyr sacrificed his life for the nation & now his parents are helpless as his wife has taken away 51 Lacs given by govt & left, leaving elderly to fend for themselves. She's also taken govt job but not doing it cuz her daughter is small. Sheer injustice!"  

Another suggested, "Henceforth govt should make a law/protocol to distribute defence martyrs compensation proportionately between his spouse & parents. The wife should get lump sum & parents a small monthly pension." 

Major DP Singh and Captain Manivannan also engaged in a thread of tweets. While Captain Manivannan said, "not much can be done but the local administration can explore other ways to help. " He also asked for the address or contact number to reach out to the martyr's family members. 

Agreeing to Captain Manivannan, Major DP Singh said, "Only counselling can be of some help." To which Captain Manivannan replied, "At times the law is a mute spectator."