Pulkit Samrat Shweta Rohira
Pulkit Samrat and his ex-wife Shweta RohiraFacebook

Although Pulkit Samrat and his ex-wife Shweta Rohira had a nasty separation, things have apparently become normal between the two. The actor recently came up with some good words for Shweta, and she appreciated the gesture. But she added that the Pulkit she knew had completely changed.

The Fukrey Returns actor recently asked people not to address Shweta as his "estranged wife" as she has more to her identity than that. Shweta praised Pulkit's words but added that he took too long to realize this.

"Thanks to him for what he has said about me. But, he could have said all this earlier. He took years to realize my talent (laughs). Good wishes are always welcome. Every destruction — much like your achievements — helps you grow. It feels good that he finally stood up for something, though it's a little amusing. But, I am happy for both of us. I've always been taught by my parents and grandparents to wish good for others," Shweta told Hindustan Times.

Shweta, who is also Salman Khan's rakhi sister, further said Pulkit had changed completely, but if some good offers come her way, she would not mind working with Pulkit on the big screen.

"The Pulkit Samrat I knew had died long ago. He was a wonderful person, and I have many fond memories of him that I still cherish. The one now is a complete stranger for me, so I can't really comment on him. But yes, if the offer is good enough, then I won't mind working with anyone," she told the publication.

After making her stage debut with a play titled That's My Girl, Shweta featured in a short film titled Parineeti some time ago, and now is willing to appear on the big screen.

It was rumored that Pulkit and Shweta's marriage broke due to the former's growing closeness to Yami Gautam during the making of Sanam Re. A lot of nasty comments were also made to the media by the couple against each other. However, they have now apparently made peace with each other.