PUBG Mobile is heavily criticised for various reasons, some of which include gaming addiction and low grades in school, but the popular battle royale game is not all bad. PUBG has allowed gamers to make revenue through online streaming and the game has also set precedent for eSports in India – all while entertaining gamers with challenging and interesting gameplay.

As Valentine's Day celebrations are pumping adrenaline in heavy doses, couples are reminiscing their special moments of how it all started. But the love story of this couple who met via PUBG and got engaged is all we need to restore our faith in true love.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) is a multi-player online battle royale game, where a player can choose to play solo, in pair or in a team of four. While the game lets you partner with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to play the game, choosing Duo or Squad without your friends will randomly pair you with different players to take out opponents and get rewarded with "Chicken Dinner."

It appears the random pairing feature of PUBG resulted in two people falling in love. The unconventional love story came to light after Nourhan-al-Hashish announced his engagement on Twitter.

PUBG plays cupid in this couple's life
PUBG plays cupid in this couple's lifeTwitter/Nourhan

Nourhan shared two photos with his fiancé announcing his engagement and captioned the tweet saying: "Started from PUBG, now we're here." It pretty much summarises the whole story, but we've reached out to Nourhan to share more about his love story.

The tweet has since gone viral, with thousands of RTs and likes and hundreds of people congratulating the couple on their important event.

As exciting as this love story sounds, this is not the first time PUBG has played a vital role in a couple's life. Recently, a couple from Pune obsessed with PUBG did a pre-wedding shoot themed around the popular game. The results are truly out of this world.

PUBG pre-wedding shoot
PUBG pre-wedding shootImpact photography

Back when PUBG hadn't even made it to the mobile platform, after which it shot to fame, the battle royale game played cupid in a couple's love story and the couple from London tied the knot in 2010. Such incidents certainly highlight the game's good side, but the latest rant about how it is affecting people's lives cannot be ignored.

In India, PUBG Mobile has been banned in several places, including all primary schools in Gujarat. The game is heavily criticised in the country, where an 11-year-old kid appealed for a ban on PUBG and Goa's IT minister called the game a "demon in every house." While the game is bringing people together, it also being cited as the reason for drawing a wedge between families.

Despite all that, PUBG Mobile's roaring success touches new heights, and for good reason. The developers are keeping its millions of players hooked to the game by rolling out frequent updates with exciting new features. The biggest anticipation now is towards the zombie mode, which is going to be a part of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update expected to be rolled out later this month.

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