PUBG Mobile already has a lot of problems on its plate and it looks like it started another controversy on its first birthday. While reports about the game getting banned in some Indian cities to incidents like PUBG claiming lives of players in various ways are making the rounds of the internet, PUBG Mobile faces another nightmare as players are boycotting the popular battle royale game.

As a part of its first birthday celebration, PUBG Mobile introduced a new birthday crate into the game, which offers a "Birthday Chicken and a chance for BP and Silver." Players can exchange the "Birthday Chicken for event rewards. While it all sounds fun and exciting for millions of players out there, it sure didn't seem to sit well with a lot of them.

PUBG Mobile's birthday crate design irked Muslims as it resembled that of Kaaba, the holiest Islamic site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. A lot of users were not impressed by PUBG's move, and many even deleted the game app from their phones to protest. There's even a petition on that demands PUBG Mobile to change the birthday box design.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update released
PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update posterPUBG

The design gaffe appears to be getting a lot of heat, but PUBG was quick enough to apologize for its blunder and promised a redesign soon.

"We appreciate your feedback on the Birthday Crate, and we apologize for this oversight. We will redesign the Birthday Crate and release it soon. Thank you for your continued support of PUBG MOBILE," PUBG Mobile said on Friday.

Given the gravity of this issue and how it could hurt sentiments of a large religious community, PUBG developers seemed to have acted swiftly on the matter redesigned the birthday crate.

While PUBG works on this sensitive matter, a recent update fixed the door opening delay issue, which has marred players for over two weeks now. In addition, PUBG Mobile is also reportedly working on making good on its promise to encourage a healthy gaming environment and finally act upon the ban requests in India.

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According to reports, PUBG Mobile is adding a 6-hour playtime restriction on the game for all players in India. Once a player has finished playing the daily quota, he or she will be requested to get back after a few hours. The six hours restriction is on a 24-hour clock, so players can either choose to play at once or go hour by hour.