• PUBG Mobile x Mission: Impossible Fallout event is live
  • The MI in-game challenges offer generous rewards, ranging from BPs to Agent IDs and more
  • PUBG x MI 6 is a limited-period event

Player Unknown's Battleground, PUBG, on mobile has become a new sensation for mobile gamers with a liking towards Battle Royale games. PUBG developer Tencent Games is building more hype for its game by teaming up with one of the most successful movie franchises, Mission: Impossible's latest flick "MI Fallout."

Tom Cruise-starrer Mission: Impossible Fallout has hit the theatres globally and PUBG mobile has partnered with the Hollywood blockbuster for a limited period worldwide event. PUBG mobile players will be welcomed with new in-game challenges and prizes as a part of this promotion.

PUBG MIF events are live and players with the latest version of the game can participate in different events by tapping on "Start Missions" on the PUBG x Mission: Impossible Fallout banner at the start of the game. Below are the MIF events and their rewards:

PUBG x Mission: Impossible Fallout event begins
PUBG x Mission: Impossible Fallout event beginsTwitter/PUBG Mobile

MIF: Ultimate Redemption - Allows you to collect items to redeem MI6 permanent outfits

MIF: Missions List - Complete various missions, such as play for 20 minutes, kill 5 players and spend 700BP, to redeem permanent outfits

MIF: Top Player - Rank in top 10 or top 20 to get Agent IDs

MIF: Cooperative Combat - Complete Classic Mode matches with friends to collect Agent IDs

Clan Mission: Contribution - Collect rewards after making enough Clan contribution

Summer Breeze: A Classic - Complete 3-5 matches in Classic mode to earn rewards

Summer Breeze: Survival - Survive in the game for 15-30 minutes to collect BP rewards

Players also get rewarded with BP and Outfit Box III for downloading the latest version of the app among other sign-in rewards.

PUBG x Mission: Impossible Fallout missions are a great way to earn rewards while playing in different game modes. This new limited period in-game challenge comes shortly after a major 1.3GB update hit PUBG Mobile to bring series of upgrades for players.

PUBG mobile's 0.7.0 update also introduced War Mode, new weapons, clans, FPP in custom rooms, new animations, redesigned UI and much more.