PUBG Mobile Lite is the toned-down version of the critically-acclaimed PUBG Mobile, which has slowly been losing its battle against Call of Duty Mobile - the new entrant in the mobile gaming space. But the PUBG Mobile Lite caters to the masses in India who cannot afford a high-end or premium smartphone to run graphics-intense games. With that reason alone, PUBG Mobile Lite has an edge over its rivals.

PUBG Mobile Lite gets the equal amount of attention, if not more, from Tencent, which has rolled out timely updates to improve the game and its gameplay. There's also a PC version of PUBG Lite, which is now getting some attention. PUBG Lite PC received a new update with a lengthy changelog, but one particular feature stands out.

PUBG Lite PC players can now heal themselves while walking. This particular feature received a lot of praise from players when it was rolled out to the mobile version of PUBG Lite. Sadly, PUBG Mobile, which has a massive userbase, doesn't allow players to heal themselves while walking. This gives opponents a non-moving target, but if you're the sniper then you won't be cribbing much.

PUBG Lite PC gets new feature
PUBG Lite PC gets new featurePUBG

PUBG Lite PC update brings the following important changes:

Bandages will be applied continuously until health reaches 75% or you run out of bandages

Application of heal or boost items can be cancelled by running, jumping or pressing F-key

Spectator mode is finally available

Throwables won't take up space in your backpack

Skorpion handgun is available

Major bugfixes and more

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PUBG LitePUBG Lite/Facebook (screen-shot)

As interesting and exciting it is to see new features in the game, PUBG Mobile players don't have access to a lot of features available in PUBG Lite or PUBG Mobile Lite. For instance, the riverside ramp is a cool addition in PUBG Mobile Lite and could be extremely useful in the game. Luckily, the new payload mode brought exciting new changes, such as choppers, RPG launchers and more, so these missing features won't really matter much.

PUBG Mobile is due for its season 10, which will arrive on November 9. Are you excited?