PUBG Mobile has got many people addicted to its gripping gameplay and made its name as one of the most popular games in India. Developer Tencent regularly releases updates to keep the game fresh and playable. The Royale Pass Season 7 brought to us a new weapon, a new server and some minor tweaks, but this new patch does not address hackers, much to fans' discontent.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update brings a slew of new elements to the game, most notably a new mode. Team Deathmatch will be available in both first-person and third-person perspectives and pits teams of players against each other in quick rounds. This mode made the Call Of Duty games popular in the online community, so we hope to see how it plays out.

The new PUBG Mobile update adds separate controls for the first-person view. The MVP is now displayed prominently in results and there is a tab for MVP emotes in the inventory. All appearances, voices and emotes can now be changed in different portable closets, even during a match. There is one graphical improvement – movement on snow leaves a trail now, which can be used to track players. Good luck!

PUBG Mobile season 7 update
PUBG Mobile season 7 updatePUBG Mobile

Other improvements, as listed in the patch notes, are as follows-

  • Armor durability loss is reduced by 25% (damage reduction is unchanged).
  • Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie Cop have been removed in Survive Till Dawn. 4 new zombies will be introduced.
  • Freezing fog from Liquid Nitrogen Mine now lasts longer. Units that pass through it move at a slower speed.
  • Tank now enhances nearby zombies. Skinner will now use an ability that reduces movement speed of nearby players.
  • A new building called the Abandoned Factory has been added to the map. The building contains a lot of resources but will also be home to a new boss.

The comments section on the Reddit thread was ablaze with fans furious about the lack of PUBG Mobile updates on preventing hacks. Fans were hopeful to get a security update to prevent cyber threats. Hackers have been able to get an added advantage in-game, which frustrates players.

PUBG Mobile, Vikendi Snow map, costume, 0.10.0 update
PUBG Mobile 0.13 update is a mixed bag of emotions [Complete changelog]PlayerUnknow/Twitter (screen-grab)

Tencent has not yet released a formal announcement about progress along that front, but their community team replied to the disgruntled fans, saying that the company is "constantly working on and improving" their anti-cheating efforts. The reply did not mention any specifics as "that would just make it easier for cheaters". They also added that they would be releasing a formal statement soon to clarify the specifics.