The mysteries surrounding death have been perplexing humans for ages, and until now, medical science has not found any concrete evidence that suggests the possibility of life after death. According to medical experts, death is the end of everything, and human life will end when the brain stops functioning. However, spiritualists claim that a human soul will reboot in a different realm after death, and to substantiate their views, they often cite the testimonials shared by people who survived near-death experiences (NDE). 

The unusual experience of Gregg Nome

In 1985, Gregg Nome told a support group about his near-death experience when he drowned in a waterfall. His NDE was recently shared by Dr. Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia. 

Near death experience
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During the near-death experience, Nome revisited his childhood and saw several incidents which he forgot after reaching adulthood. Even though Nome was drowned in water, he apparently felt utmost calmness and peace during those moments. Nome claimed that he saw complete darkness during those moments, and he apparently felt that something was about to happen. 

Greyson suggests possibilities of life after death

In a recent interview given to the Observer, Greyson suggested that NDEs have brought about surprising changes in the lives of individuals. According to Greyson, NDE used to transform people's attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors. 

Greyson who has spent more than four decades in near-death experience research also suggested that the life of a human being is not confined to the physical body. 

"I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognize that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I'm not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that," added Greyson, reports.

However, experts like Sam Parnia believe that death is basically a process and is not a black and white moment. According to Parnia, human life will end forever when the brain stops functioning.