PSV Garuda Vega
PSV Garuda Vega

Dr Rajasekhar's PSV Garuda Vega has done brilliant business at the US box office in two days, and leads the race at the ticket counters in the country, beating another new release — Next Nuvve, starring Aadi.

Dr Rajasekhar does not have much fan following in North America, and the average collections of his previous films are the proof it. But a host of factors had generated huge hype for his latest outing PSV Garuda Vega.

Wall Poster Cinema had acquired its overseas theatrical rights for a fancy price.

PSV Garuda Vega released in around 80 screens across North America. A day before it hit the screens, the movie was premiered in equal number of theatres.

It garnered good response everywhere. Strong word of mouth boosted its collection at the US box office on Friday and Saturday.

The distributors are yet to release its Saturday collection. If we are to go by early estimates, PSV Garuda Vega is believed to have collected nearly $200,000 at the US box office in two days.

The breakup of its collection is $28,588 on Thursday, $64,905 on Friday and more than $100,000 on Saturday.

Idlebrain Jeevi‏ tweeted: "#GarudaVega's Saturday USA collection is going to be more than $100k. +ve reviews and mouth talk working. Will be a profitable film! [sic]"

Most of the movies released after Arjun Reddy have failed to recover the investments of their distributors in the US. Trade experts opine that PSV Garuda Vega will end this dry spell.

Idlebrain Jeevi‏ tweeted: "After the release of #ArjunReddy none of Telugu films made money in USA. #GarudaVega is expected to break the bad spell and make profits! [sic]"

On the other hand, Aadi Saikumar has good fan following in the US as compared to Dr Rajasekhar. Hence, Next Nuvve, which released in 60 screens in the country, was expected to fare better than PSV Garuda Vega at the US box office.

Next Nuvve
Next NuvveTwitter

But the Aadi and Vaibhavi-starrer opened to average response and could not show big growth on the following day. Next Nuvve has collected less than $50,000 at the US box office in two days.